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number of flats in the last week. of course, as dangerous as the crabs are to cars, the cars still come out bet we than the crabs that get run over. that's it for "studio b" on wednesday afternoon, back tonight for the fox report at 7:00 eastern and 6:00 central. here comes "your world." >>neil: welcome, everyone, coming to you from the charlotte, north carolina where it will get hot and heavy and the speeches will be hot and heavy. so far since we have been here, really in trouble yet, a few run ins to those type whose try to keep their guy away. a lot of people will ask, well, where are all the democratic big guns. you know we had the founder of b.e.t., bob johnson, and i could go on and on and jesse jackson,
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and occasionally, it does happen, occasionally, that a lot of key speakers do not want to talk to us or me. i thought it was me, i thought it was my deodorant but i don't think that is the case, but i mention this, because a lot of you ask, well, we want to see this guy talking to you and we try to reach out. my diligent staff will kindly senator out e-mails and in the case of governor deval who scored a big speech, they will get back to us, essentially saying, you know, keep trying, but it ain't happening any time soon. no less than a dozen times with massachusetts governor. and then the handlers give it to uses we step on the floor of the convention to try to grab them and that cause as commotion.
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this is not meant to create a scene, i am a of lower, not a fighter, but when p.r. people get the run around for their candidate, for whatever reason, i wonder, what is the deal? tell me if you hate me, tell me if you have a problem with us, and i am a big boy, i can understand and we will move on. that is not the case with governor patrick who gave an incredible speech, the famous backbone speech. we will hear more about that but the people were trying to shield him so we forced our way on to the governor a short time ago. governor, governor, do you have a minute to talk? a good reaction to your speech. >> thank you. >>neil: did you expect that? i expect a lot of enthusiasm for the president. >>neil: the backbone president got a positive response. i am saying we have to be about our values which are central to
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the american character and stand up for that and we win. we deserve to win. >>neil: and the party should embrace what it stands for not duck away. does that resonate? >> i don't think i said that. >>neil: a last delegates say that registered. did it? i hope so. >>neil: i think we bonded. now, you might notice he granted me 45 more seconds than paul ryan did in that exclusive one-on-one in the parking garage, essentially, so, i think i'm bonding with these guys but the only reason i show you this, we will go to any means, folks, to get the big names to you even those who decline an invite. you can see his people were working and you see a big italian guy, you, too, would be nervous. but if you don't talk to me, it
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is going to be a very bad day because picture me like returning up to a vegetable ball, i am angry and guilty but the governor was gracious but all this talk about no time, he had time for a dozen interviews. but us. it does happen. and james clyburn did talk with us we will get to him in a second and get to a mayor who wowed everyone at the republican national convention last week and a candidate for congress in the fine state of utah. there is this perception, if you challenge people, not all people, i stress that, they will avoid you at all costs. is that a ricky strategy? >> no. i don't think so. the people would were not afraid to share their comments who are not afraid of their policies, they will get out there and they
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will send their message but those who are afraid of the policies who shy away from them i can see why they would not want did get in front you. >>neil: i can understand anyone being arrayed -- afraid to see me barrel in on them thinking i am stealing their lunch. i digress. you reached out and said they are embracing, if you caught any of the speech, the virtues of government and it can play a role. they say people have benefited from health care and stimulus. they do not see a problem with this and republicans saw big problems with this you embraced who you were on trying to, you know, cool it on this. so, i gas i am giving compliments to both parties they have embraced who they are. what, then, is the choice of americans this fall? >>guest: well, listening to governor patrick say that he wants to stand up for what they believe in and they should have a backbone, i say yes.
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then we so a clear choice the we know what they believe. they believe government can create jobs but after all the stimulus packages, after four years of obama, we have 23, still have 23 million americans underemployed or looking for work. after $5 trillion of new debt our economy is still struggling. so, we should have the debates of the people should talk about what they believe in. then we can talk about a clear choice, the differences between the two parties. >>neil: he disagreed with my interpretation of it, in the extended one-on-one interview, but one of the things he did say, is if you develop a backbone, we as democrats should not be ashamed of what we had done, with the government initiatives we have done a lot of good so i think what he was saying he disagreed with that impact interpretation, get a backbone and embrace what we have done. do not be ashamed. what do you make of that? >>guest: i agree. we should be talking about it. but, they are going do have some
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explaining to do. they will is to explain to me and all other members why we are not better off than we are four years ago. >>neil: all right. thank you. thank you, mia. your opponent will be with us on friday, fair and balanced and he will sit down and interview us, i don't have to chase him down a boardwalk. >>guest: we need as much help as possible and make sure we will not be pushed aside. i need everyone to go to >>neil: we have congressman james clyburn here, and he comes on and takes any and all questions, he will shoot them down but he will take them. what did you thing of the bonding moment with the governor? >>guest: he is a great guy. >>neil: what impressed me about what he saids obviously brought down the house, a point you raised, far from running
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away from spending democrats are trying to address the better virtues. what do you make of that approach? >>guest: a lot of investments and part of this is about keeping us safe and secure. it keeps us secure when we fund our troops to do what needs to be done to keep the country secure by keeping us safe in our streets, in our hems, and that is what this is about, keeping us safe. >>neil: but we are $16 trillion in debt and no one mentioned it. >>guest: the fact is, we have the debt. we have to work on that. we cannot do it if everyone is feeling fearful of whether the streets are safe or whether the house catches on fire and no one is there to put the fire out. firemen are important. police are important. we must take care of our men and women in uniform.
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all of that is the government. job in government was a public school teacher. i enjoyed teaching the public schools of south carolina but that is a government job and if we don't have teachers for our children we cannot have --. >>neil: your point is well-taken. but what is scary to me and maybe i am living in an alternate universe, when there is a video that runs in here, government is the only thing we all belong to. no it's not. >>guest: no i don't who is running that. >>neil: are people aware in this room that the debt exists, that the job growth is sub par, and it is not just the democrats but the republicans contributed. >>guest: i have heard people mention the debt and the deficit. i am very concerned about that. i was on the --.
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>>neil: i might have messed it. >>guest: i heard people talk about debt and deficits. maybe i am just hearing things but that is what i heard. >>neil: and this is your chance to clarify that. would you bring up the debt? >>guest: i'm not focused on debt or deficits right now. i'm focused on our investments in the future. i'm focused on --. >>neil: you are a huge big wig here, a big deal in congress and you are saying it is not a priority on my list. >>guest: well, no, i'm not saying that. >>neil: i am saying -- you are mentioning it? >>guest: i have no idea what i would say if i speak. >>neil: so you may not get a chance to speak? >>guest: well, i plan on speaking tomorrow night. and i will talk --. >>neil: they do not want to blow you off. that would be a bad move. >>guest: they will not blow me
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off. it could be that the winds could be going. the weather outside. beyond the stadium. with about 70,000 people. >>neil: that is not happening. >>guest: that is not happening so i am trying to take kay of the 7,000 people down in south carolina i prepared. >>neil: what is the real reason? the weather? did they have trouble putting people in the seats? >>guest: i had in south carolina, we had 7,000 tickets and we got rid of 7,000 tickets with 3,000 people on waiting list. so, it could be, and i heard there are 19,000 on the waiting list over all. it would be easy to fill up that stadium with people from columbia, south carolina, we do it for football games. >>neil: you do, congressman, a ream pleasure. this is almost a bonding of a moment as the governor. >>guest: we ought to do it more often.
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>>neil: much more from the convention center, who is up and who is not after this. >>neil: a lot of the convention comes down to the likability of president obama over mitt romney. poll after poll has been showing he has a distinct advantage over the former governor on that count. until lately. a new poll out shows the gap virtually not existent between the two. little more than a couple of weeks ago it was ten points. mitt romney is getting more likable, the president is getting less so. his job at this convention is to address that.
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there is encouraging news for mitt romney who trailed once badly in this particular area. what do you make of this? >> we have to be came about two things: i am but on favorability. it is not, who is more favorable, but you pass a certain level of favorability for the necessary -- necessary for the contest this is one poll in april and one in september. but the abc and "washington post" poll shows a dramatic improvement in romney's favorable and unfavorable from after the primary and a larger decline for president obama who has had negatives rise 11 points since april and decline for president obama and favorable and the increase in negatives has been among women who --. >>neil: that was the core constituency. >> that could explain why the last several weeks are focused on women, hispanics and young people, three groups who are critical to obama's election in 2008 but who could be moving
1:17 pm
away. there is president obama's favorability among women, 46 percent today; 57 percent in april. the unfavorables are 50 percent but they were 39 percent. >>neil: is he vulnerable in an area he never has been in the past. you could talk economy, it did not stick. but when it came to likable, who do you want to have a beer with, that stuff, he always had a big lead, high rating. now --. >> part of that is romney came through an ugly primary. when it ended april 11 it was not a glorious ending. i disagree, i think the attacks and back-and-forth discussion about the economy have hurt him deeply because it has reminded people of his stewardship. when you have two-thirds of the american people saying that his policies have either not helped or have actually hurt the
1:18 pm
economy, he is in trouble. >>neil: whether you want do have beer or not you do not like him. >> i have private data accessible, and since the beginning of the summer, people's perception on the economy have gotten worse, not better, in the belief he is responsible for getting us in a different place has grown over the course of the summer and i suspect that has something to do with the liability numbers. i like you, but you really are failing me on the number one issue and that's a problem. if women, i think, part of it also is, this relentless assault against mitt romney have sort of taken away some of shine where they said i liked president obama because he was something different and the campaign he has run is a pedestrian mud slinging chicago-style campaign. >>neil: this poll startles us from missouri, the senate rate, right now, dead even, dead even. todd akin is here, next..
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>>neil: remember the missouri senate race that republicans had given up on calling for congressman todd akick to get out of the race? over the rape comments, i could go on and on. but a guy would looked lost down up to ten points a couple of weeks ago, he is dead even. you heard me right. todd akin is dead even with senator mcclaskill in the latest polls from missouri since the developments first on fox, the congressman himself, todd akin. congressman, good to you have. >>guest: a pleasure to join you and your audience this afternoon. >>neil: this is a startling development and why know whether
1:23 pm
republicans are glad or perplexed. >>guest: well, it is probably a mixed message. what we hearing here is there is a tremendous grass roots legal of support not just in in month but across the whole nation because people have thought about this after the initial response and they say, wait a minute, the people of missouri elected someone, do we want party bosses appointing someone? a lot people are coming down on the side of an election is an election and we do not want to set the precedent that party bosses pick someone. from that point of view the support has been very strong. we get around the state and people are shaking heads and saying stay in there, be strong, you will win. >>neil: when i talked to others they say not a penny for you, and senator mcconnell, no support now, so, they are not exactly rallying around you. >>guest: well, if you talk about money, we have been
1:24 pm
receiving money in the office from people, small contributions, but, lots and lots of them. if you want to help, we would love to have you on the band wagon. >>neil: but it is not out of the question, congressman, you could still win this thing. then the issue comes up that i raised with the senator republican leader as to how you would, then, vote? would you be angry at republicans and not vote with them? would you be an independent? how without vote? >>guest: let me say this, i am deeply concerned about america. that's why i have been doing what i have been doing for years. this is not all about me, this is about fixing an economy that is fundamentally broken. it is about people without jobs, it's about a government that is taking our freedom, and that is out-of-control. i will work with anyone that wants to get america back on track and make sure that the government is the servant and in longer the master.
1:25 pm
>>neil: you didn't quite answer my question whether you would be accepted into the republican fold; whether you would recoil at that. would you do if senator mcconnell reached out? he told me last week at the republican national convention, he thinks you would vote with republicans and it is in your dan to vote with republicans anyway. i didn't get the idea that bygones would be bygones but he would see you as a republican senator helping with a republican majority. >>guest: let me make it clear i would do absolutely everything in my power to work with his team and the team that is going to try to put our economy and america back on track. i'm fully behind him and i am fully behind our great team of ryan who i worked with in the house of representatives, and the entire republicanment form. it is fine. i'm on board with all of that. >>neil: and you would not have any beef with the paul ryan who said you should step down, the
1:26 pm
mitt romneys who said you should step down, and the mcconnells who said you should step down. >>guest: i am a person that forgives someone when i am asked for forgiveness, it is not about me but doing what is right for the country. you look at where we are issue-wise, senator mcclaskill, what a contrast. we had 71 percent of people in month in voted "no" on obamacare. of course, i voted to repeal it 30 times. she was the deciding vote to paso bomb care. that is why this race is really going to be based on her voting record and that is why money is not the whole thing. it is about, how is she voting? in the state of missouri i have an a from the national rifle association and she has an "f," and that is a big deal in our state. the economy and jobs are in the tank. people understand, $16 trillion that our grandchild will have to
1:27 pm
pay. >>neil: by the way, we did reach out to senator mccaskill and we have not heard back from her. congressman, you have regretted the rape comment it does make people want to follow-up with this, and i know you have answered this in various ways. do you believe a woman who becomes pregnant to a rape, should she feel free to have an abortion? do you make a distinction for pregnancies in the event of rape? >>guest: well, you know, what i have done is i have said always, and i have answered there question for a couple of weeks, i support the plank of the republican platform the you have to decide when does life begin and i have never apologized for being pro life or understanding that life begins at concession.
1:28 pm
but, chair mcclaskill is completely on the or side of that spectrum. she supports abortions all the way through the 9th month and even the partial-birth abortion she has not voted against. >>neil: but you would be, in that event, does it matter the mean by which someone becomes pregnant, whether through rape or consensual sex, that child should be carried to term? >>guest: as i said, i believe life starts at concession and i don't apologize far that. that is the same platform as we have in the republican party so i believe that answers your question. >>neil: all right, congressman, thank you very much. very good do you have. todd akin. dead even in the latest polls. this could add drama to the fall campaign a seat thought to be a republican loss may not be.
1:29 pm
and a gymnast is on the floor of the convention hall here, she is one of many lighting up the stage. >> in case you had any doubt florida was as possibility to democrats as it was last week for republicans, consider this: charlie crist will be a big speaker here tomorrow night. remember him? the former republican governor of the sunshine state, in what is becoming an increasing trend at the conventions, he switched sides and he will speaking as the democratic convention just as arthur davis, who did the same at the republican national convention. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything.
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1:34 pm
talking like that. in october and november 2008 things were pretty grim. >>neil: one of the corporate types who are here, there you not a lot here, but there are a lot of democratic c.e.o.'s, they are not imaginary friends of the president. on why he says costco has everything in huge supply. you order a hamburger you have to get on, he came with up that idea so people have no close but to buy in bulk. he came up with that idea. it is a very interesting story he will tell us more tonight. we also have maryland governor who is the one would has been saying, you know, we are better off, come to think of it, than four years ago. and james roosevelt jr. on health care being a good thing. and mark warner, the democratic senator from virginia. you never know, some other surprises, sometimes we go to
1:35 pm
the floor and we talk to these people. i am their worse note mayor like john candy coming to you with a microphone. i will not always go away the it will be a fun night. we have artur davis with us right now, would moved heads at the republican convention. i talked with him when he entered and i wonder if he thought if he was at the right place he once introduced president obama four years ago switching vied to the republicans and now, congressman, something must be in the water because charles crist is going to return the favor, a former republican governor, announcing his support and confidence in president obama. what do you think of that? >>guest: well, i notice that he is speaking on thursday night right before the vice presidential candidate and presidential candidate so i wonder if he has the clint eastwood role or maybe he is the empty chair. i don't know. >>neil: do you think, does that put guys like you, i am
1:36 pm
never one to question motives, in your case or certainly governor drive, but does it hurt you in when people fail and they change parties and others who you changed to, and they are lovely and happy to have you, that is what you ran into, among your fellow democrats, and that is what he is running into, charles crist of the republicans, what do you think? >>guest: well, what people ought to always lock at when a politician changes sides, is, frankly, is he speaking for himself? or is he speaking for a broader group of people. when i talk about my switching parties i am able to make the point that i'm one of six or seven million americans who voted for president obama and who have changed sides. there could be less on 1 percent based on the data i have seen, less than 1 percent of john mccain supporters who now plan to flip around and vote for president obama. when i had the opportunity to speak in tampa last week, there
1:37 pm
were a lot of other americans who could relate to what i had to say. i wonder lou many americans can relate to what charlie crist has to say? how many americans can say, you know what, i used to be a john mccain supporter, i used to a republican supporter and now, darn it, based on this wonderful record of the last four years i have no choice but to move over and vote if cheek. charlie crist feels that way, i wonder how many other americans will relate to that. >>neil: do you think that the latest likability or favorability surveys we get on each candidates measure or amount to much? the latest shows that the president's first natural approval rating dropping, and mitt romney's personal approval rate rising to now they are even. >>guest: there has been a lot meggist and there is no surprised it has washed up on both ends. right now, an romney and michelle obama could be the most popular folks. but this happens in campaigns. that happens because of nature
1:38 pm
of negative attacks back-and-forth. >>neil: but if ann romney who -- if mitt romney is tries, tentatively, and the president is dropping. >>guest: this is what is strike, president obama, we often hear in washington, that president obama has this wonderful personal popularity with the american people, and that will overcome negative ratings and the economy, and the abc-washington post poll, he is underwater and this is not a job approval question. this was the question, do you like this guy or don't you like this guy? now, more americans say they do thought like the president. that is a fundamental change for an administration that has been able to count for four years on the personal likability of president obama even when people did not approve of the work he was doing so i think it is a big deal. >>neil: artur davis great do have you, thank you very much. >> some big speeches but there is one, in particular, tonight, that the folks are looking to.
1:39 pm
take a guess. >> now it is time for the big dog. you want to fill the seats fast and every single one of them faster? bring on the big dog: bill clinton. the guy who doesn't have to check his speech with obama folks. we are doled that technically he has but we will know that bill clinton is kind of well-known for revising and re-doing the speech. we will foe this: president obama needs him tonight. bill clinton cannot only whip up a crowd, he can sell your step way, way beyond this convention hall.
1:40 pm
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>> coming in, neil cavuto finishes stunning one-on-one with governor patrick from massachusetts. well, okay, i paid thank you very much. my very powered packed
1:43 pm
discussion almost matching that of my one-on-one with paul ryan last week of the take a look. >> we have to be about values which are central to american values and central to the american character. stand up do that we win. >>neil: you say the party should embrace what it stands for, does that message resonate? >> i don't think i said that. >>neil: did it register, the backbone comment? a last delegates said it did. a lost delegates are telling me it registered. do you think it did? i hope so. >> you feel good? >> all right, bret baier, wherever you are. top that after paul ryan, bret baier. i think you are a little nervous, aren't you? what did you think of that one-on-one moment.
1:44 pm
sometimes you really have to go through a lot of difficulty to get through the p.r. folks. by the way, the governor is a perfect yes and he is doing a fine job in massachusetts and he is a great guy himself, but, you know, i know what you saw this was a bonding moment and you said obviously the governor thinks a left you, but, man, larry sabato, getting beyond the palace guard. >> that was impressive, this were several complete sentences. >>neil: this is framed this way, i find sit down interviews routine and whichst more natural, someone talking to me from the side of their face. >> he is almost like a statue. >>neil: and i looked like lurch. we joke about this, you let those who do not want to talk to now a variety of reasons but they have a message they want to get out and they do not want it
1:45 pm
watered down or challenged, right? >>guest: the whole game dead is control the message. that means you have to control every word that is spoken and the medium that supports the mention partly because of the overemphasis on gas, we overdo gas everyonmakes then. >>neil: i don't. >> you don't and i i don't but we are the giants. >>neil: bill clinton will make a big speech tonight, he normally knocks it out of the park but part of staying on message is running it by the campaign or by the white house. do you think he did, that the speech has been seen by president obama? >>guest: i think the themes were approved and maybe some of the pair -- paragraphs. clinton has been known to an
1:46 pm
lib. i am sure there will be a little bit of nervousness in the obama camp until he is finished. >>neil: bill clinton was among those like the governor of massachusetts, who early on questioned president obama's approach of going after bain capital, private capital, and they more or less, i think it was nauseating and in governor patrick's words, a regrettable direction, but they were all pulled in, to a man, about cool it, but they were sending out an s.o.s. to the president, we are losing folks going so sharply left on this. >> they were sending that message. i guess he got it. politicians tend to be more accepting of messages during the election season accumulating a majority of the votes. in pick bib's -- in bill clinton's case it was more complicated, it was the
1:47 pm
messenger, the quote of bill clinton talking to ted kennedy trying to get kennedy do support hillary clinton. >>neil: there were rough votes attributed. do you believe it? >> yes. mainly more rather than less. new new but it would not be in bill clinton's interest to be nasty or ruin things for his wife four years from now. >>guest: that is why he is here. he is here for his wife, he will do everything that the obama people want, he already has with tv ads and heel with the speech don't, he will campaign wherever they want him. is the goal to re-elect obama? yes. is the hidden goal, which is at least as large, looming at least at large, to elect hillary clinton in 2016? yes. >>neil: thank you, larry and i will be were walking the floor making our fearful presence. and a big venue tomorrow night has changed. we will never know for sure if it was the weather or inability to fill the stadium for the
1:48 pm
changes to make the big speech here in the convention hall tomorrow night, but we do now they will have no trouble at all getting 20,000 in this police to hear the president of the united states likely bring the house down. there is another added benefit, as well: no need to worry about any bank of america logo. there is that. after this.
1:49 pm
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1:51 pm
>>neil: at the timer-warner center in charlotte and they cannot squeeze the 74,000 in the stadium next door but that is not to be, 20,000 in here. different veteran." it could could be cozy. the democratic house vice chair is organizing this shindig so
1:52 pm
this gentleman has not had any sleep. unlike certain governors he sits down and talks with you. very good do have you. how are you holding up? >> hanging in there. injurying. >>neil: for public pick he will fill this? >>guest: he will knock it out of the park. he always does. he loves this. >>neil: he does. there are a lot of democrats would might look at him, though, and say, waits, i remember that guy, he was better. could that hurt? >>guest: and they will hear him say and this is the guy we need to continue the kind of things i did. i don't think there is any space between what pick by will say and what president obama wants to do. so, it will be very helpful. there is a great memory of bill clinton because the in 1990's we were going gang busters with jobs so he has a message and pick beknows how to deliver a speech and get you impietied and
1:53 pm
inspired so people are looking forward to this especially after yesterday. >>neil: michelle obama knocked it out of the park. some are saying, that she could run for president. >>guest: michelle obama, she could be a commander in chief if she wanted to. >>shepard: she gave a hell of a speech. >>guest: the way bill clinton would say, my best office point probably is my wife. >>neil: what stands up to me not a word mentioned about the death. we crossed $16 trillion and the speakers at like it happened. >>guest: everyone is talking about moving the country forward to get rid of deficit. >>neil: they never said "debt." >>guest: we talked about it quite a bit. >>neil: no, i was here. maybe in interviews, you are right but it is like the issue that will not be mentioned. >>guest: no, no, what is most
1:54 pm
on the minds of the american people? jobs. you get jobs going and people working, you start to get rid of debt. the biggest deficit we face today in this country is a jobs deficit. so, absolutely, we need our fiscal house in order and the way to do that is get folks working. >>neil: do you think in let tremendous respect because a lost delegates say they supported the health care thing but it kept the president's eye off the jobs ball and he would have been more successful if he got the jobs thing figured out and the unemployment thing would be lower and he would come from a position of strength to get health care and that he did it backwards and that is why he is in the pickle he is in. >>guest: i disagree. he started in january of 2009 taking the keys from george bush to the white house and that month 800 americans lofts their job. in one month. >> george bush thing will keep coming up. maybe we can move on to another topic. >>guest: in january of 2009,
1:55 pm
800,000 americans lost their job, and not mention george bush, you are right. i could do that. >>neil: people recognize the mess when the president came on board but he still has trouble mentioning mistakes he has made outside of how he told the story and told the argument. >>guest: to go back to the question, he takes on an economy in a nose doves he has first things first concentrated on getting folks back to work, that is the first thing he creates an economic recovery package that starts to do exactly that. then he says, americans have wanted health care they can afford so he took that on. never, never forget that we still had to see job creation. >>neil: he has nod made mistakes? >> we all do. name me one misfake he has made. >>guest: he shut have fought harder for immigration reform the first two years.
1:56 pm
>>neil: thank you. i know it is hard to get sleep. great to see you. we will have more from charlotte, north carolina, right after this. yeah, you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. . don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart.
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that's why liberty mutual insurance policies come standard with accident forgiveness, if you qualify. learn more at >> neil: all right. bill clinton on the dais tonight. you will get a big night of speeches. just think about all the anticipation behind that. we'll follow it in more detail as well on fox business network. tonight we have jim senegal to give us more detail why he likes the ticket. maryland governor martin o'malley. former intel ceo greg barrett. mark warner, democrat of virginia. we are all over this. i know it's perplexing for a lot of you at home, but neil, megyn will be on us at times. bret is here taking notes on how i do it. that's what i love about bret. et

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